Discover the fashion, stars, and residents of the city! Love the fast-paced downtown life? Head to the city! Do you live to express yourself through art? Check out South meTropolis street! Want to live the life of the stars? Glamourwood is the place for you! meTropolis has a little something for everyone!

Jon Stella Jenny You Eva Donny Martin


The Star of the Story

Live your own story! Become the most stylish fashionista in town, or a star director who mingles with hot celebs, or build your very own, personal island resort, and much more! You're the star of the show!

"Express yourself!"


Fashionista Extraordinaire

Posh, independent and stylish, Stella is the fashionista extraordinaire! She lives for fashion and is a true believer in following your dreams. She loves her designer shoes, but not as much as she loves her beloved pug, Fifi. Armed with her knowledge of style and her positivity, Stella will help you rise to the top in meTropolis.

"Fabulous, darling!"


The Adventrepreneur

Jon is a self-proclaimed adventrepreneur! He's a sharp business guy who fearlessly seeks out adventure, as long as it doesn't include spiders, of course. Spontaneous, sharp, and passionate, Jon's goal is to live life to the fullest.

"I smell adventure!"


Culinary Genius

Jenny is a proud chef and mother of two in meTropolis. Cooking is her passion! In her free time, Jenny likes to focus on her children, enjoys the beach, and loves a good cocktail every now and then. A supportive friend with big dreams of her own.



Corporate Fixer

Eva's get-it-done attitude makes her the perfect candidate for her job as Jon's resident corporate-fixer. Sharp, adventurous, and tough, Eva has a solution for any problem. She'll get the job done in the smartest, most efficient way possible. When she's not kicking butt at work, Eva spends her time charming the ladies at SoMe's hip bars.

"Let's get down to business."


Glamourwood Star

Donny Dipp isn't afraid of wearing a heavy amount of makeup-at work too! A talented actor, Donny is the most sought after star in Glamourwood. Donny loves his job and his fans, but he also enjoys the "me time" out of the public eye.

"I seemed to have lost my ship."


Critically Acclaimed Director

Martin is a tough Glamourwood director who knows showbiz like no one else. After suffering from a prop accident on set, Martin decides it's time to retire, but not without passing on his movie-making knowledge.

"Welcome to showbiz, baby!"